Water Content in Petroleum Products


Nakatama Scientific menjual water content in petreleum Products untuk kebutuhan alat laboratorium teknik sipil anda. Segera hubungi kami untuk detail, surat penawaran atau pemesanan.

BI-120 Water Content In Petroleum Products

For determining water in crude petroleum, tars and products derived from these materials
BI-121 Flask Heat resistance glass, 500 ml capacity 1 Pc
BI-122 Water Trap Glass for receiving distilated water 1 Pc
BI-123 Condenser Glass, jacketed 1 Pc
BI-124 Support Assembly For holding apparatus assembly 1 Set
BI-125 Flask Support Variable height adjustment 1 Pc
GE-230 Bunsen Burner Heat resource 1 Pc
GE-237 Asbestos Wire Gauze 15 x 15 cm 1 Pc

Also required,
but not part of this set :
GE-152 Triple Beam Balance
GE-203 Cooling System
GE-222 Butane Field Heater
GE-473 Glass Funnel
GE-748 Leather Gloves

Dimension ( l x w x h) : 25 x 25 x 60 cm
Gross Weight : 10 kg


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