Drainage and Seepage Tank
Flume Test
Hydraulic Bench
Impact of a Jet
Jaringan Pipa
Orfice Discharge
Osborne Reynold
Sediment Transport
Driying Oven, Hot Plate, Water Bath
Cent-O-Gram Balance Scale
Triple Beam Balance
Heavy Duty Solution Balance
Cooling System, etc
Geolistrik – Resistivity (Mebatek-22S)
Hand Bor ( SO-110)
Compaction Test Set
Standard Penetration Test
Gilson Sample Splitter
TVA Penemometer
Specific Gravity (Vacuum Method)
Proving Ring Penemometer
Hand Bor (SO-110A)
Triaxial Test Set
Direct Shear Test Set
Consolidation Test Set
Unconfined Compression Machine
Concrete Test Hammer
Concrete Beam Mold
Loss on Heating / Thin Film Test
Concrete Test Hammer – Matest (Italy)
Calibration Anvil
Modulus of Elasticity
Vertical Cylinder Capping Set
Vibrating Table
Air Content Of Fresh Mixed Concrete
Slump Test Set
Hydraulic Concrete Beam Testing Machine
Laboratory Concrete Mixer
Cylinder Mold
Concrete Cube Mold
Flash and Fire Point by Clevelend Open Cup
Benkleman Beam
Core Drilling Test Set
Marshall Test Set
Reflux Extractor Test Set
Centrifuge Extractor Test Set
Ductility of Bituminous Materials
Laboratory Penetration Test Set
Loss on Heating / Thin Film Test
Flash and Fire Point
Saybolt Viscosimeter
Water Content in Petroleum Products
Distilation of Cutback Asphalts
Specific Gravity of Semi – Solid Bituminous Materials
Sondir 100 KN-TW Ducth Cone Penetrometer
Bulk Density Test Set
Los Angeles Abrassion Machine
Sand Equivalent Test Set
Sample Spitter
Wooden Sieve
Precission Sample Splitter
Length Gauge
Gilson Sample Splitter
Brass Round Sieve
Aggregate Impact Test
Specific Gravity (Heating Method)
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Ready Stock Products
Specific Gravity & Absorption Of Coarse Aggregate Test Set
Sieve Shaker
Test Sieve